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Track_coverageTrack and flag coverage jurisdiction of each corner station extends from the plane of the flag position to the following station's flag position.

The station’s flag position is not to be moved forward or back to cover any incident.

Adjacent stations must be prepared to assist or backup each other as much as possible.

Shown in the adjacent diagram are corners 1,2, and 3 of High Plains Raceway.

In the diagram, Corner 1 is responsible for the area tinted yellow.

Corner 2 is responsible for anything that happens in the "green" tinted area.

The red tinted area belongs to corner 3.

The track from the Starter Stand to corner 1 is covered by the starter.  Safety personnel from station 1 have to respond to incidents between the starter and corner 1, because the starter stand generally doesn't have safety response personnel.  

The starter stand is a flag station.

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