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HAND SIGNALS AND THEIR MEANINGS - per the SCCA F&C Handbook (Published 2003)

F&C Hand Signals are a limited vocabulary sign language suitable for communicating across relatively long distances.   As such, the language has nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.  The language supports 1 word answers to the most common questions corner workers might ask.  Questions can be asked and answered with short, 3 or 4 word phrases.

Some of the language is directional; meaning, the yellow flagger will never give the "Yellow Flag" hand signal to another worker.  The yellow flagger will only receive this hand signal from the corner captain.  Or, the corner captain may signal for the surface flag if he spots oil on the track.  The communicator may signal to an across track safety worker check a car for dragging or leaking or smoking etc.  The communicator may request a car number and color from the safety worker who is at a car that has stopped out of view of the communicator.

Hand signals are an important part of the F&C speciality, especially at the larger tracks when there are enough workers to cover remote areas (like Road America at the Runoffs).

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